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Mission of FATER Academy of India(FAI)

The FATER Academy of India is committed to the improvement of the Educational standard and well being of a Young generation striving hard to appear on the International Arena of Academic world. For this purpose, the Academy dedicates its efforts and resources.

The Academy shall strive for the achievement of the optimum growth, development, in the field of Educational, social and spiritual realms of all young scientist, social thinkers, Trainers, Information Technology and Tourism experts irrespective of diversities of their backgrounds. The Academy shall fulfill the mission through the following activities.

Professional Education & Improvement

Provide and promote ethical and professional standards among the members and provide and promote education and training for the improvement of the knowledge, attitude, and skills of members in Academics in its widest sense.

Support for Academicians

Provide a forum for promoting the role and opportunities of Academicians as the best-equipped professionals for the care of Young generations and to provide the platform for their talents. Remain as the spoke medium of appropriate training of Teachers /Technocrats/Students/Research Scholars and related supportive professionals involved in different settings.

Membership Service

Provide services, benefits, and recognition to assist and support the members for meeting the needs and challenges inherent in pursuing our missions.

Education of Academic Participants  and the Public

Design and conduct programs and efforts for the education of Academicians, the public and policymakers on their role in the promotion of our mission and well being of Students/Research Scholars/Teachers at colleges, in Universities and at other platforms.


The Academy offers its expertise and inputs to the individuals, organizations, institutions and the government and its agencies in the areas of Education, Tourism Market Research, Agriculture and Information Technology .

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